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Chobani Chandelier
The Beauty Of Green
 Of Green 
Project New Yorker Website
 Web Content 
 and Design 
 New Yorker 
Stained-Glass Tree
Sea Glass Alight
 Sea Glass 
Stained-Glass Hand

Stones, Seas, and Memories: a collection of writings
"Stones, Seas, and Memories" a collection of writings
Oleh Seeks IDF Reform
'Oleh Seeks IDF Reform' a journalistic writing
 The Pursuit Of Happiness
"The Pursuit Of Happiness" a collection of poems
Down and Out In The Tomb Of The Sanhedrin
'Down and Out in the Tomb of the Sanhedrin' a creative writing piece
Designing and Painting: Celebrate Israel Parade Banner
 Design, Paint: 
 Parade Banner 
From Thought To Light
 From Thoughts 
 To Lights 

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